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Greetings peasants! Feel lucky to meet my acquaintance , I am Mistress Adele!  I'm not here to be your friend, companion or your lover for that matter.  I am your Mistress, who controls your mind, soul and body upon my simple direct commands!  I will take complete ownership of you, if your submission calls for cruelty that won't be a problem at all.  Bondage will control your mind as well as your unworthy body.  Come before me as I treat you like the menial individual that you are. Obey my commands and I will grant you permission to receive your desires; if not I will inflict pain! Please me and I will allow you to please yourself. If you cannot abide by my rules stay out of my Dungeon.


I am not a Mistress that will allow you to pleasure yourself upon my temple so don't waste your time asking and do not beg! If you dare I will cast you from my presence eternally . It is your job and your job alone to pleasure me, know your place and obey upon my simple command. Bring something to the table before presenting yourself in my presence as Mistress Adele loves to be entertained. Stories, fantasies, wants and desires is what intrigues me, just imagine how happy your Mistress will be when given what she wants. I'm hungry to listen to your niche, fetish and obsessions, don't disappoint me.! I would hate to inflict such strict guidelines on you so soon but iI will if necessary. Let the games begin.


Forced Prostitution 
Cum Eating
Cock Sucking
Cum Eating
Spanking & Pinching
Cross Dressers
Tease and Denial
Cross Dressing Training
Forced Rape
Extreme Ass Fucking 
Body and Foot Worship


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