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Thanks for visiting us here at the hottest phone sex site on the net! I'm Candy from and I am here to give all you guys a nice little present from me and some of the other girls on the site! A couple months ago the girls and I got together and where talking about our favorite porn sites, our favorite toys, even our favorite adult novelty items, and cam sites. We exchanged all our fav's and enjoyed all of them together. I started thinking, ya know, if we like them so much, why don't we share with the guys? When ever I was on the phone and a guy wanted to watch a porn or wanted to know a hot place to get toys I would totally refer them to websites that I and the other girls on the sites personally loved. It got to where regulars would always ask me, "Hey Candy, come across any cool sites lately?" and I would give them what I had, they would check it out of course, and love it! When I found out that the other girls on the site where doing the same thing, I had a great idea to just have a specific page with all the favorite sites of the girls here on the Arkaos Worldwide network.

First things first! CAM. Yes, Yes some of the hottest cams on earth! You think you guys get all the fun? No way, I get to have a little fun too :D! This specific site is the favorite of Cassidy, Aden, Jezel, Nadia, Teegan, and Abigail. So check it out!


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Whats better than porn guys, come on! I personally LOVE porn and watch it often! This site is the personal favorite of Jade, Breece, Dimona, Priscilla, and myself. Try out the following links below for some of the hottest porn there is. There is everything from fetish (watersports, bdsm, kinky, rough sex, Tranny), Domination (bdsm, femdom F on M, Domme M on F), ethnic, gay, group, hardcore, teen/barely legal, MILF, Henti, and SO MUCH MORE! You have NO monthly fees, you pay as you go. It is .08 cents a min and never any more than that! That means if you watch a porn and only last a minute (Holla to all my one min men :)) then you only pay .08 cents a min. They have everything any guy could want! Check em' out! Some of my personal fav's are the Femdom F on M, and hardcore fucking. They have really good vids so try them out! Plus if you click on the banner you get a free 10 minutes when you sign up and buy. Packages start out at 10 minutes for 2.45. You can't beat that price! Get your free 10 mins by click below on one of the banners.

Are you into toys? Maybe, Maybe not. Some guys enjoy toys and some don't. I'm not just talking dildo's, I mean pink pussy toys as tight as they come to wrap around your dick, cock rings, flavored condoms and SO much more! If your a guys who likes toys, no matter what toys you like this store has them. The prices CAN NOT BE BEAT, small vibrators and cock rings start as low as .99 cents and go up from there. The prices are low and there is every type of toy you can think of. Whether you are looking for a toy for yourself or a toy for your wife you will most definitely find it here. Last year I bought some toys for my friends here on the site and they loved it! This site is a personal favorite for all the girls on the site and we shop here all the time! When we use toys on the phone for you guys, we are using toys from this site! BTW, kinda a side note here, we do sell those toys for you guys to enjoy, ask us for details.

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Now for the kicker! I know you guys love strip clubs, so do I. I love going to the local strip clubs with all my guy friends or a girls night out watching hot and sexy women strip all the way down to the nitty gritty. Mmmm makes my mouth water LMAO. What if you could watch a sexy stripper every day, on your desk top? Yep thats right, a sexy porn star right on your desk top, stripping for you. Everyday you will get a new girl to strip on your laptop, automatically updated every night so when you come out in the morning and check your computer out you have a new girl stripping just for you! Prices are very low and reasonable, and I LOVE it, so I know you will! This site is a personal favorite for Bianca, Jacqulin, Bree, and honey. Click the banner below to check it out.

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