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I am a cruel and evil bitch, but you will call Me Mistress! Yes, I can call Myself a bitch, but you certainly will not. From here on out I make the rules and that is just one of many! you are below Me and that is My second rule, never presume to be My equal because you are not. you were put on this earth to please Me and amuse Me, nothing more loser. Forget your desires and your pathetic little life because now the only thing you must concern yourself with is Me.
Once you enter My world you become Mine and there is no turning back. I will control you and manipulate you into doing anything I like. What do I like you’re wondering. Well you pathetic little loser I love extreme phone domination! I love to torture you, humiliate you, force you, and make you beg for more Maybe you need to be humiliated because you think you are a real man! Lol, I don’t think so and I am just the Mistress to cut you down to size. I also love CBT… don’t know what that means? Let Me teach you all about the fine art of cock and ball torture! Pins, duct tape, sand paper, string, and alcohol are just a few things you should bring when you call Me. Speaking of alcohol, I may just have a little fun with forced intoxication too.

A little nothing like you is going to learn how to please Me and cater to My every whim. you will treat Me as the magnificent and exquisite Mistress I am while I trample your useless little balls and spit in your face.
Do you think you can handle My world? Lol, you probably can’t you pathetic fucking stain but I will break you in slowly, if I am feeling nice.

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Hardcore Domination
Physical pain and torture
Castration fantasies
Forced intoxication
Blackmail chasity
Forced strapon training
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