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Guys like you stare at me, every time I walk down the street. I know why you're 
looking, examining every fucking move I make. You want to either be with me, 
which will never happen, or you want to be like me. That could actually happen, 
but only if you get this through your sissy-faggot head. There is only ONE QUEEN!
 I am not the type to suffer a weak man, so you better know what to do with my  body. I like it rough, have some drinks and get me sloppy wet! You know how to  do that, right? Your tongue and dick , help me separate the men from the boys. 
Don't worry, I'll find out what's what, unless your panties give you away.  Either you're a bitch or a baller, and I don't think you want to see how I treat my bitches. Just cause I look like a lady don't mean I can't dick you down with  my strap-on!


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