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I may seem all sweet and demure because of my slight Southern accent, but I can assure you that I'm a hand of steel encased in a soft velvet glove.  I'm sure you wouldn't want that hand smacking you upside the face, would you?  Then again, maybe you would, as well as getting a good old fashioned over the knee spanking!

I'm a sensual domme who loves wrapping men around my beautifully manicured finger, and I use every trick in the book to do so.  I proudly admit I'm an opportunist, and I'll use you in any way I see fit.  Tease and denial is one of my many specialties, and I'll have you so blue balled and aching that you'll do just about anything to hear me give you permission to orgasm.  Mmmmm, I so love the power I have over men like you; it's so heady and erotic that granting you permission kinda ends the fun - lol!  So don't expect to hear me give you permission very often.

I also love a wide variety of domination, whether that be through role play (with me in naturally in control, or giving you instructions or assignments.  Please see the list below for some of my favorites.  The list isn't exhaustive, so if there's something you're in to and it's not on the list, email me to see if it's something of interest to me.




ass worship
erotic humiliation
erotic hypnosis (make sure you allow for at least a half hour for this one to get better results!)
financial domination
forced intoxication
guided masturbation
sensual domination
sissy and sissy maids
small penis humiliation
tease and denial

THIS IS AN ELITE GIRL. Call 855-416-2012 to talk with Gemma.



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