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Welcome to my page, Hunter's playground! All are welcome to enter, but do so with the intent to stay because I might not let you leave.

You could say I am a self entitled princess with a dark side. I love all the girly frilly things most girls love, including sexy nighties, the latest in fashion, hot and sexy clothing, wedges and heels. I guess what makes me different than the rest is my dark side, my sadistic, mean, cruel side.

I refuse to go in to where I came from, what kind of upbringing I had, or any other bullshit most girls go in to, because I'm better than that. I'm a snob, and what the fuck does it matter where I grew up? All that matters is I have a size 9, perfect foot for you to worship and kiss. Remember that when buying your princess shoes. I'm up to date with all the newest fetishes, including where to whore you out and what to do with you once I make you mine. That's right, I will eventually own you, I will suck you in to my world and never let you go.

Call me.

I'm ready to play. Aren't you?




Raping wallets
Being treated like a princess
Foot and body worship
Whoring out sissies
Treating sluts to glory holes
Meat hole fucking
Anal abuse



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