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 I'm not the normal hot girl. Oh no! If you thought that then you are either  extremely stupid or blind because just by looking at my pictures you should be  able to tell I am not normal, I am anything but normal because of how beautiful I  am. I am such a sexy and glamorous female, one of those girls who buys and wears nothing but the best. Look at me, I deserve it, and your going to buy it for me. I am currently married to a guy with a small cock. How disappointing and ever so devastating. His small cock doesn't even get as big as my fucking pinky finger when it's hard and that makes me so Angry. I married him for his money, ha! Stupid fool, blind in so many ways. He's so pathetic and stupid, not to mention missing a couple inches where it really counts, so I decided to start fucking other men. REAL MEN. Men who have real cocks and not little clitties with balls hanging from it. I can't even stand to even look at it. I have him apologize to me daily for having a small dick and not being able to please me the way a goddess should be pleased.
I fuck his co-workers, right in front of him, in his office while he watches. Showing him that even the people he hires, and who make less money than him are better than him because their cock is so much bigger and can actually please me the right way.  A guy with a big cock is a real man, even if he fucking works at some fast food joint and you work at some high class business. I need a man who can fuck the shit out of me, give me wild and hard sex. It just so happens my husband can't do that because he is a small cocked sissy and a stupid faggot. You might be asking why I am doing this when I already get laid constantly...well simple, sheer revenge! Back stabbing my hubby for having a small cock and not being able to please me correctly. I want him to know that I would rather talk to some hot stud on the phone, and masturbate rather than fuck his pathetic cock.



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