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I am a lifestyle femdom with strict rules and regulations you must follow when you are on the phone with me. Number 1: You will always call me mistress, Number 2: It is all about me and my pleasure, Number 3: You will say yes to everything I say, and even if you hate it, you will pretend to enjoy it. I don't just talk with you over the phone about this stuff, I do it in real life. I have slaves I own in real life, and no, you may NOT be one of them! You must completely bow down to my wills and wants, or else you must go. Only the best of the best get to become one of my slaves, and maybe if you are lucky enough for me to remember you, I will write about you in my blog. Some of my favorite things to do are CBT, and ball kicking/trampling. I mean, lets be real here, I like A LOT of things and I love many many fetishes! But if you call me for some CBT, I will give you exactly what you are looking for. And to humiliate you even more, after I am done beating you, I will piss all over you and spit in your face.


Anal stretching
Tease and denial
ball kicking
and more…


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