domination phone sex



 I'm not really the type of bitch you mess with, I eat men like you for fucking lunch.  HA, excuse me, I accidentally called you a man, when really your a fucked up  mess, and a worthless piece of shit whore worth only to me for fucking up and  entertainment. I enjoy watching you suffer, watching you in pain, or being uncomfortable, so get used to it and start to enjoy it because it wont stop just because you want me to stop. I'm telling you right now, when you call I will be merciless and I will treat you like the whore slut that you are, giving you tasts or making you do things that make me laugh but leave you in pain. You know that you are not a man, you know that deep inside you feel more like a skank needing to be punished than a man.  You are a stupid whore and you do need to be punished, severely, and I am just the mistress to do it. I will smash your dick in a tool vise while mouse traps hang from your balls, the best CBT you have ever had. I will beat you down while in my latex outfit and fuck you up for just looking at me, or for being a fat ass. Maybe I will tie you up, real tight and hang you from my ceiling while I lite up a Capri 100 and smoke it right in your face, drowning you in my smoke and laughing at your pathetic ass while you breath it in.I can't stand worthless pieces of shit like you and thats exactly why you pay me to talk to you or to even pay attention to you. Sometimes you are so pathetic that I ignore you even though you paid for my time. Thats just what you get sometimes. You'll be in the middle of talking and I will just put the phone down and put my makeup on or take a shower and make you listen, in that situation you must sit there and wait patiently for me to get done before I finish my conversation with you. I take your money and then I ignore you, how perfect for me. I even have a ignore line where you call and pay for my time and I do nothing but ignore your stupid ass. It's so great, I make all the money, take all your rent money, and there is nothing you can do about it. Sad fucker. I don't feel bad for you because your a pathetic idiot. Call me now and pay me to talk with your stupid ass.


Ball and cock smashing
Device Bondage
Smoking fetish
Chains and whips
Cbt, Smoking fetish
Making you in to a sissy whore
Ass fucking
Chains and leather whips
Riding crop/medieval torture



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