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Demon Mistress is my title, because like a demon i possess you and control you  with my demonic puppetry, If your a person who would like to talk to me. Let me  be the first to say that your probably disturbed in one way or another, and you  will get exactly what your looking for. Gaze into my eyes i dare you and i will instantly steal your soul and chew it right up. I have a army of slaves/ worshippers ready to do my bidding, controlled by my dark puppetry with a snapp of a finger i could have you jump right off a cliff face just to prove your devotion. My purpose is to digg deep into your mind and bring to the surface all of your hidden dark desires, all of your desires infact. No DESIRE is ever good my pet, in the heart of all lies darkness covered up and masked by you assholes afraid to be or say who you really are cowards and pussies.  Raven The Demon Mistress serve me and i will release you, so you may be free.



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