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Onlys filthiest of fetishes turn me on, if its nasty kinky and taboo its me scat,  bestiality, golden showers, weird insertions, anything if its weird or unusual its  something I want to try.  I love the sick and perverse, I love fantasizing about take  fat long horse cock, As a teen i was always surpressed I hated it i was always experimenting with stray dogs.  If i could think about it i could try it, Just a small conversation with me will have you feeling like a dirty used little whore.  In highschool i would fucking fuck everyone, suck everyone and eat as many girls as i could.  hahaha I would even try to get alot of my girlfriends into experimenting with me, stupid little bitches.  They had no idea that i was getting off on watching them. Do you want to shove weird things in my pussy like a phone or a egg beater? I want to spread your ass cheeks apart and lick that tight ass of yours before I fuck it with my dildo. I don't want your cum babe, I want buckets of cum! buckets of cum to be poured all over me and buckets of dirty cum to eat. like I said I'm into the perverse callers, the incest calls, golden showers, bukkake, and anything else you can think of. Remember my name when you call, and ask for Roxy.



Fisting, Nasty Taboo roleplay,ALL age play fantasies,Cocksluts,Cum eating Scat& Golden Showers,Body fluid lay,Strangulation,Smothering/Suffocation,stocking fetish,,Beastiality,Extreme gagging/choking,Whipping fetishes,Leather, latex & PVC fetishes,Small dick humiliation,Smoking fetishes,Collaring & Caning,Brutal Rape fantasies,Bondage & OTK thrashings,Trampling,Sissy slaves,Wax & Fire play,Incestual confessions,CBT & Castration,Branding & Piercing,Chastity & Orgasm Control,Human Ashtrays,Cockteasing,Total Body Worship Ass licking,Pain whores Foot slaves,Mutual masturbation,Glory Holes, Snuff,D/s Switch,Ass raping (mine or yours)Interracial Cuckolds,Hardcore Strap On & Dildo training,CD's Enemas


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