How bad do you wan’t an orgasm?
Thursday October 25th 2018, 6:34 am
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Just how far would you go for a great orgasm? If you’re willing, I’ll take you deep, like I did with Mark. He called seeking an asphyxiation experience and I detailed the thrills of breath play to him. I tantalized him with sensual descriptions of wrapping my fingers around his throat and squeezing with just enough pressure to literally take his breath away. I could hear him groaning as he indulged in self-pleasure. I asked if he wanted to take it further. Did he want to play a dirty little game? Belt or bag was the next question. Can you imagine the fun we had while I instructed him? He was such a good boy and it was such a thrill to control him.


He wanted Tease and Denial so that is what he got
Thursday May 03rd 2018, 11:22 am
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The moment he called, I was in control. “You won’t cum until I tell you to, Dave. You’ll masturbate and you’ll get close, but you won’t let loose until I give the command. Do you understand?” He understood. He understood from the moment he dialed my number. He knew what he was getting into. “Do you want to cum for me?” I asked. He did, desperately. He wanted to cum so badly. He was so close. He wanted to spill his seed and experience the sweet release of orgasm. It wasn’t to be, though. Denial is more exciting to me. Forbidding him from cumming and hanging up the phone is so much hotter.

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Small cock humiliation with a pathetic pencil dick
Friday April 27th 2018, 2:13 am
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“Stephen,” I said as I imagined him standing naked in front of me, “You’ve always known your cock was small. You’ve always known it’s too small to be of any use to a woman. Even now, when you’re rock hard, you can barely muster three inches. Does it scare you to take your pants off in front of a woman?” He whimpered a barely audible yes. Any man that calls me for small penis humiliation knows he doesn’t have what it takes to pleasure a woman. He knows he needs to be very good with his tongue if he has any hope of landing a wife, because his dick certainly won’t get the job done. I reminded Stephen of that and then allowed him to orgasm.

Mistress Dani
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The story of a man and his abused genitals
Tuesday April 10th 2018, 11:00 pm
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His cries of agony were an aphrodisiac. Every time he smacked his balls at my command I could hear him scream out in pain. I’d ordered Paul to retrieve a spatula from his kitchen and strip for me. He sat on the edge of a chair with his cock and balls hanging down and on my command abused his genitals. The fact that he’d do so without question turned me on and the pain was like the icing on a delicious cake he’d made for me. My sweet submissive was suffering for my pleasure. When I heard the sniffling I had to reach into my panties and play with my pussy. He was crying. I’d made him submit and cry from the pain. So arousing!

Mistress Marlow
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Mistress ALWAYS wins over pathetic faggots.
Sunday March 11th 2018, 12:05 am
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“Can you hear that, sub?” I asked while I stroked my long black strapon cock. My gloved hand was coated in lube, lube that I would soon work into his asshole. “Can you hear me stroking by big black cock? I’m going to fuck you with it, sub. I’m going to destroy your ass with my dick and you’re going to take it. You’re going to bend over, spread your cheeks wide open for me, and beg me to fuck you. You’re going to beg me to pound your ass until you pass out.” He did, too. The sweet sound of his begging was enough to make me wet so I placed a suction cup dildo on his pathetic forehead and I fucked it until I came, forcing him to watch as I pleasure myself with a toy instead of his worthless dick.

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Young hot mommy and abel domination
Thursday February 15th 2018, 5:27 pm
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The nurturer in me always comes out when I receive a call from a sissy adult baby with a love of diapers. Last week one of my regular callers got in touch to continue his fantasy session. I talked him through how mommy would powder his genitals and backside and then put him in a diaper. I described the sissy dress I’d bought for him and how it would look so cute and sweet on him. I dressed him in it, making sure to remind him that he was mommy’s little baby each step of the way. Of course, he couldn’t help but be a bad boy and reach for mommy’s breast, which is when he had to submit to a hard spanking on him subby ass.


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Smoking fetish with a hot mistress
Saturday February 10th 2018, 5:25 pm
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When I take a deep drag of my cigarette he can hear it. My mouth is right by the phone and the sound is intoxicating to my smoking fetish subby. I can hear him stroking his cock as I smoke for him. He loves the sound of the smoke leaving my lungs more than anything. He begs me to do it in his face and I tell him that if he’s a good boy I will. I order him not to cum until I’m done with my cigarette and I make sure to take my time enjoying it because I want him to be on the edge of orgasmic bliss. He wants me to blow smoke on his cock and I’m happy to as I get close to the throbbing head and blow my smoke over the precum.

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Mean young mommy
Monday February 05th 2018, 5:24 pm
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When you’ve been a bad boy it means that mommy has to be mean, but you know that, don’t you? You know that means I have to scold you, so if you’ve been bad it’s time to call me and tell me about it. I’ll punish you exactly the way you deserve and make sure that you don’t act like a bad boy again. Of course, you might get turned on when mommy punishes you and that’s okay. If mommy gives you a spanking and your dick gets hard we can take care of that. As long as you promise to be a good boy this beautiful mommy will let you stare at her big breasts while you stroke your erection and make cummies.

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Even College Coed’s love to dominate you
Thursday February 01st 2018, 1:43 pm
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You know you don’t even deserve to imagine my hot college body, let alone look at it. You don’t even deserve to be on your knees in front of me. You don’t even deserve the delicious domination I have in store for you, but if you’re a good boy I’ll let you experience it anyway. The first time a man submitted to me was pure bliss as I made him worship me feet and pussy before giving him a harsh spanking and leaving his ass bright red from the pain. He wanted so badly to worship my ass too, but I denied him that pleasure the first time. A subby shouldn’t get everything they want, after all.

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There’s nothing better than sitting on a submissive mans face
Thursday January 25th 2018, 1:40 pm
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For a domme like me few things are more pleasurable than a man on his back that badly wants me to sit on his face and smother him. I love to wear a pair of tight latex or leather pants as I sit on him. They make me feel so much more dominant because I know the sub is weak in the knees when he sees them. Repeat visitors get to enjoy me sitting on their face in a pair of panties, bringing them that much closer to my perfect pussy. The best subbies are granted the joy of my soft flesh on their skin. Nothing is hotter than smothering a sub with my pussy and watching my labia spread out over his face while he breathes me in.

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