Tease and denial is even more humiliating when it’s a teen doing it!
Thursday December 05th 2019, 6:10 pm
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Things are always better when you have to work for them. And I’ll definitely make you work hard for it, baby. I’ll make you moan and shake with so much pleasure until you’re right on the edge of pleasure. But before you can go over the edge and into an orgasm, I’ll pull you back, and I’ll keep on doing that until you’re crying and begging for me to let you cum. I can tell how desperate you are– your cock is so hard its probably painful, and its dripping copious amounts of precum everywhere. It’s almost pathetic how desperate you are to cum, how badly you need my permission. But you do need it, but I like seeing you looking all pathetic and horny while you beg for me. So I’m going to make you wait for as long as I want you to.
In fact, I might decide to not even let you have it. I might not be in the mood. And you’ll be absolutely ruined, but even while I’m denying you, you’re going to love it. You might think about saying something, about acting like you have a choice, but you definitely don’t. I don’t even want to heart you open your mouth to try and tell me what you want matters. You’re going to love the control I have over you and your cock, because you know I make your orgasms so much better than they normally are. So even if you were allowed to have a say as to whether or not you could cum, you wouldn’t want to. So you’re just going to wait for my permission, and hope I give it to you.



Sissy little cross dressing whores get whats coming to them!
Thursday December 05th 2019, 6:07 pm
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I can’t wait to dress up like a true and proper whore, so you can look like who you really are. You’re going to be a tight lacy thong that just barely covers your balls and tiny penis, and every time you walk it’s going to ride up your tight little ass. Then I’ll dress you in a tight little purple dress, and I won’t let you pull it down to cover up your ass. And finally, I’m going to puy you in some hot pink stilettos you won’t even be able to walk in, and so when I parade you around in front of all my friends, showing how well trained you are for your Mistress, and all they’ll do is laugh at your stumbling around like the pathetic little bitch you are.
When you walk by, I’ll let them reach out and touch you, pinching your ass and squeezing at your cock. They’re going to want to make you hard, so then you’ll be walking around in a tiny little dress that does nothing to hide your cock bulge, and you’re going to have to stand there and take it while everyone laughs at you for your pathetic little dick. They’ll all see how you’re not even a real man, and then, when you’re hard and leaking and humiliated like the slutty, dirty whore you are, I’ll let whoever wants you take a turn to do whatever they want to you. Maybe they’ll make you get on your knees and open your mouth to suck their cock, and I know you’ll like it. Or maybe they’ll want you to eat pussy, or take it up the ass. It doesn’t matter. You’re going to do all of it, and you’re going to like it, because your Mistress told you so. And your Mistress wants you to be a good little sissy whore for the real men who want to fuck you, although I honestly, can’t imagine why they would even want to try, you’re so pathetic. Nothing more than a needy little sissy slut. So make your grateful to them for wanting to fuck you. And make sure your grateful to your Mistress, because you would be no better than dirt without me.


Mistress has a big cock for both your holes!
Thursday December 05th 2019, 6:05 pm
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Oh, so you’re curious about how it would feel to be fucked by someone who actually knows how to use their dick, huh? Well, let me tell you how it would go. I’d have you waiting for me on the bed, naked and horny with your pitiful little dick hard and leaking all over the bedsheets. I’ll give you a bottle of lube and tell you to get yourself ready, and you know you won’t have a choice if you want to be able to make it out of this with your ass still intact. You lube up your fingers and push them up your ass, spreading yourself wide so you’ll be ready to take me. But you’ll have to wait until I decide I’m ready, and then I’ll whip out my strap on. You will probably freak out at first, and talk about how its too big and you won’t be able to take it, but we both know you’re lying. You can’t take your eyes off of it, and you dick is even harder than it was before.
Then I’m going to push my plastic dick into you, and you’re going to feel filled up like you never have before. I’ll go slow at first, just because I feel bad for you, and at first you’ll be quiet, but then you’ll realize how much you like taking it up the ass. Then you’ll moan and beg for me to go harder, so I will, thrusting up into you so hard until you cum without your cock even having to be touched.


Big black cock is the best cock!
Friday November 01st 2019, 10:43 am
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So, my caller wanted to see me, his wife, wife getting fucked by a black guy’s big cock because he knew he was not good enough for her. Honestly, his cock is so small, it’s not my fault I had to go and find another one to satisfy me. He was my husband/boyfriend, but he honestly just didn’t satisfy me in any way anymore. And you know what a horny slut I am — I need it. But he couldn’t give it to me. So I made him sit his pathetic little ass across the bedroom and keep quiet while I kept riding my favorite big black cock. It filled me up so much better than he ever could. God, it was so pitiful how bad he was at satisfying me.
But this filled me up– our black neighbor is so big and oh, all I want to do is get on the floor and kneel in front of him with my mouth hanging open and my ass in the air so that he can use whatever one of my holes he wants to. I hope he’ll use all of them– I bet he will, because he knows how to treat me like the dirty whore I am, unlike my husband and his tiny, pathetic dick.
So he did not get to do anything. He was going to sit there and watch me bounce up and down on our neighbor’s big black cock, and he wasn’t going to say or do anything. He didn’t have a choice. But I wanted him to watch– I wanted him to see how wild I am when I’m actually being pleasured. I want him to hear my moan and beg and scream with lust, because he’d never get to hear it again.

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Want to hear about how big my strap-on is?
Friday November 01st 2019, 10:37 am
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Honestly, for anyone who ever calls me, If you’re not ready to take it however I want to give it to you, don’t even bother calling me. You take it how I want to give it to you. Maybe if you’re lucky, and I’m in a good mood, I’ll let you tell me how you want it. But if I’m not in a good mood, I’m just going to give it to you how I want to, and you’re just going to have to take it. Like, this guy that just called me and tried to tell me about how I was supposed to give him what he wanted. And I shut that down real quick because I could tell just from his voice about what a pathetic little slut he was.
I could tell he was looking for a good time, that he just wanted someone to take care of him. I knew he wanted me to fill him up and make him come without me even having to touch his dick. And I could do that for him. I made him take his clothes off and tie himself up, and while he was on the phone with me I made him spank himself till I could hear it like the good little pathetic man whore he was.
I wanted to take control of him in so many ways. I wanted to make him cry and beg for me, I want him to be so horny for my voice that before our appointment he was whimpering and waiting by the phone for me. I guess I just really like knowing how needy guys are for me. And I knew how bad he really wanted to be filled. And I could do that for him. I love nothing more than making a guy bend down in front of me, his ass waving in the air like a pathetic, begging cunt fucker, while he begs for me. And while he’s begging, I’ll lube up my strap on and then get him all ready, and before he know it, I’ll be in him.
My pussy is getting wet just thinking about pegging him with my huge strap on. And I bet I could make him come without even touching him. I bet I could make him come just by telling him when he was allowed to though the phone. There’s so many ways I want to dominate guys like him. You just have to tell me your favorite way and I could make it happen. Or, I might now. Really, I get to decide what happens.
I denied him his pleasure for so long until I was good and ready to let him cum. But he didn’t get to get off, not until I said he could. And if guys don’t do as I day, I’ll spank and whip them so hard they’ll be begging me to step on their pathetic little dick with my heels. Guys better do exactly what I say, because you don’t want to make me mad. If you do, I’ll just keep on bringing you to the edge, over and over again, until you’re just begging and sobbing for me to let you cum, just like the man who just called me. But I won’t. Not until I get bored fucking you pathetic little ass, and finally let you cum just so I can be done with you.
I can do so many bad things with you. I want to treat you just like the dirty little cunt fucker you are. So if you want to be treated so badly like you deserve, give me a call.

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Forced sissy cross dressing? Hell YES, this femdom can definitely play like that.
Friday October 18th 2019, 7:57 pm
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One of the callers today asked me to do a scenario of forced cross dressing. He told me he was married and wanted his wife to be a bit more dominant however he hasn’t been able to talk to his wife about it. So I told him to imagine that I am his wife. I told him to call me by her name which he did. I then told him to imagine that he is on his knees. He said I am on my knees for you dear wife. I then told him that I am going to spit on your face and make you my bitch. I then told him to take off all your clothes which he did. For an added experience I asked him if he has any female clothes and he told me that he bought some for himself. So I told him to wear those while we are on the call. Then I told him to imagine that I am making him do the chores around the house like dusting and bringing juice for my boyfriend. This is when the guy started feeling humiliated and a bit hot downstairs. I told him that his submissive cock wasn’t enough to satisfy me which is why he is dressed as a girl and I have a real man as a boy friend. The guy on the call was really excited to hear all this. I could hear him reach orgasm on the phone.


College coed fantasy? I am definitely the Femdom for you!
Wednesday October 16th 2019, 3:00 pm
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As a phone sex operator I hear people’s fantasies every day. Fantasies that they have locked away in their minds and only share with me. I recently got a call from a young man who told me that he studies in a coed college and feels submissive in front of his female class fellows. So I started off by telling him to imagine that I am one of his class fellows that he wants to be dominated by. I told him that he is my submissive slave and he replied with Yes I am your slave. I told him to get on his four legs while I put a collar around his neck. I told him that once I am done putting the collar on him; I want him to imagine that I am vigorously and painfully stroking his cock. In the meantime I also told him to do it to himself in real life as well so that he can get true feeling of what I mean. This made the caller feel really sexy. I told him to imagine that I am sitting on a couch and using him as a foot stool to rest my feet. The guy replied with oh yes beat my ass. I couldn’t let this opportunity go so I told him to imagine that I am beating his ass with a leather belt and a stick. Each hit is greater than the hit that came before. The young guy was really excited and came while we were on call. It seemed like it was his first phone sex experience but he was very satisfied with the outcome.


Dominant Shemales really know how to get down and get dirty with submissive anal sluts.
Friday October 11th 2019, 3:08 pm
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In the old days guys used to call phone sex operators to do scenarios about shemales fucking their ass. These days I get a lot of calls by guys asking me to do scenarios where I fuck their ass using a strap-on. I tell them to imagine that we are in a relationship and one day I call him to tell him that I have a surprise for him when he comes home. I tell him to imagine that when he gets home the bedroom is full of ambient lighting and there are handcuff and rope on the bed. The guy on the call knows where this is headed and he starts to moan. So I tell them to imagine that they I am tying them up while their belly is facing the bed. I ask them on the phone if the rope is tight enough and they always reply oh it’s tight. I tell them to imagine that I am kissing them after which I will fuck their ass. They then tell me to put on the strap-on so I tell them to imagine that I have it on. Then I get on the bed and put some lube on their ass. After which I tell them to imagine that I am fucking them so hard that it is going to destroy their ass. I said that to one of my callers and I could hear him intensely masturbate and moan over the phone. He was really excited.

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BDSM phone sex with a femdom who enjoys hurting you.
Monday October 07th 2019, 5:53 pm
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BDSM is one of the most popular sex practices. A lot of submissive guys love to get whipped and canned. So when I receive such a call, I always start with tying the guy up. I tell him to imagine that I am tying him up on a pole. After I am done telling him that I casually ask him,” is it tight enough” the guys normally reply with Yes. So I move on to the next step, I tell them that I am going to beat them like how a slave should be beaten. I tell them to imagine that I am beating their ass with a cane until it gets red hot. I then ask them if they are enjoying it and mostly guys say that they are enjoying it so I tell them “Well , if you are enjoying this how about I bring out my whip”. Guys enjoy that very much. They think of themselves as sissy slaves who deserve to be whipped and canned. I tell them to imagine that I have brought out my whip and that I am beating them up with my whip. I tell them that I am going to beat them until their entire ass and back gets red and starts hurting. Guys who like this type of stuff usually tell me at this point that they are about to cum.


Goddess loves to use Erotic Hypnosis on little losers.

Erotic hypnosis is the practice of using hypnosis for enhancing sexual experience. The only purpose of this type of hypnosis is to boost sexual pleasure for all the parties involved. I recently got a call from a boy who wanted me to do a scenario regarding erotic hypnosis. He told me to make him feel like he is a slave and deserves to be punished. I told him to imagine that I am a dominant female who is going to put him in his place. I told him that his dick is really small and that he cannot satisfy any woman with that small cock. I told him that I will make him believe that he is a submissive guy who needs to be put in his place by a dominant woman. I told him that only a real man can satisfy me not a small cock submissive guy like you. I told him to wear female clothes as his cock isn’t big enough to make him a man. I told him that he cannot satisfy his girlfriend as well which is why she has sex with other people behind his back who can satisfy him. I knew my words were working when he said oh I know I have a small cock and I am a submissive bitch. I told him that I will put a strap on and take his ass as that is the only way he is going to get some action and be useful to other people.

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