domination phone sex




Tell the truth, you were checking out my boobs, weren't you? I know it. I have 
you right where I want you. Men like you drop your guard down every day. You 
REALLY should be more careful. Just because a woman, like me is drop dead 
gorgeous, doesn't mean she can't be dangerous! I have your wallet already, now I'm gonna take your most precious possession, your balls and your pride. I will hold you prisoner, until I decide to let you go. Thought you were so fuckin' 
smart eh? Now look at you, all trussed up like a turkey. I left your cock free for a reason, to see how much you can take before you break! Notice how your hearing perks up while you're blindfolded? I love smothering you with my ass, stroking you off hard. The only orgasm you will get with me is a ruined one. I can be a wild one, but only for a REAL Alpha male or 
a horse. The bigger the dick the happier I become. You however are a pathetic specimen. Let's hear you squeal like a pig!


Sensory deprivation
Ass Worship
Horse play/bestiality
Wallet Rape
and more…


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