Glory the super bitch denies your cum, all day long
Wednesday January 10th 2018, 1:34 pm
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It takes a good boy to go through a cum denial phone session with me. So many of them are bad boys and they just spew their seed before I’m finished. My last caller, James, was a very good boy. He wanted to be teased, edged, and denied over and over. My lusty voice filled his head and dominated his every thought as I let him imagine fucking me while he stroked, only to make him stop as soon as he got close. He begged me to let him release his seed, but I denied him. When I told him he didn’t deserve to cum he nearly ended up spilling his load, which was perfect confirmation that I was up in his head in the most beautiful way.


USA: 1-888-854-8836
UK: 0-808-101-2271

Cum denial queen Dani
Thursday March 10th 2016, 10:32 pm
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If you called me to get some release, sorry baby, but you’re talking to the wrong bitch. When you call, it’s MY pleasure you should concern yourself with. I’m gonna sit on your face and you’re gonna lick my pussy like it’s the finest dessert you’ve ever tasted. You’re gonna shove your tongue up my ass like a good little pet. Oh, I’ll touch your cock. But only to keep you right on the edge the entire time. The truth is, I just don’t give a fuck whether you bust your nut or not. Maybe if you manage to make me cum, I might let you stroke your cock for me. But you’d better not cum unless I say so. Get ready for the worst case of blue balls you’ve ever had!

Extreme Tease and Denial Queen Dani
1-888-854-8836 USA
0-808-101-2271 UK