I need a little foot and shoe worship
Monday November 28th 2016, 11:59 pm
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For me, one of life’s greatest pleasures is seeing a submissive man down on his knees waiting for my command to lick my feet. In a recent live session the handsome sub was naked from head to toe and desperate to show me how good he was with his mouth. I extended my toes towards him and rubbed them all over his face before finally giving permission to have him suck. I find it very pleasurable to receive such oral delights and his tongue was working hard to get me going. Sometimes my shoes need to be cleaned and I’ll slip them on and let the submissive use his tongue to get off all the dirt and leave them polished and shiny.

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Mistress Katya smashes your balls in-between the floor and her heel
Tuesday March 15th 2016, 10:33 pm
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His body is completely immobilized on the floor before me. He’s flat on his back, arms and legs splayed and his hands firmly tied down. He’s willing and vulnerable, exactly as I want him. His eyes are fixated on my shiny black, open-toe pumps, as I raise the metal heel and bring it to his lips. He dutifully sucks on it, and I feel a thrill of pleasure at his subservience. Kicking off the pumps, I push my bare feet onto his face, testing his limits as I apply more and more weight to his yielding form. No part of his body is spared as I trod gleefully across him, ending my trek at his balls which I slowly crush beneath my heel.

1-888-854-8836 USA
0-808-101-2271 UK