AB/DL with a very mean mistress! Humiliation diaper time.
Tuesday November 08th 2016, 11:47 pm
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Derek, my diaper loving phone client, called recently for another session of deep humiliation and I was happy to help him, as always. I love a man that craves being humiliated. I had him strip naked and tell me he was ready for his diaper like a good boy. I like to emphasize how a real man wouldn’t be caught dead wearing diapers and certainly wouldn’t admit that to a woman. He always goes quiet after that as he’s soaking in that reality. The deeper we go the more humiliated he gets and he loves the assaults on his ego and manhood. It’s all true though. Diaper wearing boys are pathetic and they know it.

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Hazel forces you to intoxicate yourself
Thursday November 03rd 2016, 11:45 pm
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fetish mistress

One of my submissives only drinks when we’re on the phone together. I demanded that sacrifice of him and even though he’s not into alcohol I force him to get drunk when he calls. I make him take shots, something different each call, and do them until his head is swimming. I want him to be wonderfully drunk and vulnerable so I can probe his psyche. I want to get deep in his head and pull out the real truths of his life. He reveals all to me when he’s loaded and I love it. Just as his speech starts to slur he lets out what’s real and I get the pleasure of learning his dirtiest secrets because he’s a good submissive.

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Medical Fetish with nurse Cassie
Friday October 28th 2016, 11:43 pm
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Regular visits to the doctor are a good idea for anyone, but when it’s a submissive that shows up to see me I know exactly how to give an exam he’ll never forget. I pull on my latex gloves and his eyes go wide a little because the fun is about to begin. It’s important to take his temperature anally to get an accurate reading and to follow up with a prostate exam to make sure everything is healthy. He might need a few vaccinations too. The sub is afraid of needles, but his dirty doctor is experienced and knows how to minimize the pain he experiences. The exam can go on for quite a while too and sometimes it’s humiliating.

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I shall make you my submissive human ashtray!
Sunday October 23rd 2016, 11:41 pm
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As soon as I lit the cigarette I could see him get excited. After a deep drag there was a bit of ash on the tip and his mouth began to water. My human ashtray was ready to be used. I let him wait, delaying his gratification and humiliation for just a little longer as I luxuriated in the nicotine. Finally I ordered the sub to open up and stick out his tongue so I could tap the ash onto it. He held it there until I was finished and I made sure to really take my time. I love that he suffers for me like that. I love that he’s willing to endure the disgusting taste and the humiliation of being nothing more than an ashtray in my eyes.

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Brynna spends all your money
Tuesday October 18th 2016, 11:38 pm
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I love spending someone else’s money, especially when it’s been given to me by a good submissive that knows his mistress loves the finer things in life. My favorite pay pig is always ready to buy something off my wish list or send me a beautiful gift that I can have some fun with. He knows that supporting me is all he’s good for, that his wallet is what makes me happy. He’s a good boy that happily spends to support my expensive shoe habit or buys me a pretty purse when I want one. If he’s lucky I’ll let him buy me lingerie and model it for him.

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Desiree desperately wants to force sex your asshole
Thursday October 13th 2016, 11:31 pm
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My sweet sub was on his hands and knees, trembling with fear at being fucked up the ass for the first time. It certainly wasn’t something he wanted, but a session with this mistress isn’t about what the sub wants. It’s about what I want and in that moment I wanted to fuck his ass. I was standing behind him slowly stroking my strapon cock and spreading lube over the shaft. I reached out with a gloved finger to penetrate him and he nearly jumped out of the bed. Such a nervous sub. I had to force my cock into his ass the first time, but it won’t be long before this sub is taking a real man’s cock in his bottom at my command.

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Forced bi with mistress Audrianna will leave you craving a dick?
Saturday October 08th 2016, 11:29 pm
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He wouldn’t normally have sucked a cock, but when his mistress commanded him to do so my sub was happy to open up and give head. Lots of my subs fantasize about forced bi play, but he was one of the few willing to go through with it. I brought over a stud with a perfect cock for a straight guy to suck on and had him strip. The sub was on his knees and looked excited and a little bit terrified. He was about to suck a cock for the first time and I was right there next to him. I told him he was a cocksucker now and that he was going to be sucking dick all the time now that he had done it the first time. I even made him swallow the hot load of cum.

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Can’t wait to sit on that face and make you eat it!
Monday October 03rd 2016, 11:27 pm
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I feel powerful and sexy when a man lies beneath me for a facesitting session. Last time it began with a bit of teasing as I straddled his head but kept my pussy far enough away that he couldn’t get a taste. All he wanted was to feel my cunt against his face. He wanted to breathe me in and relish being so close to his mistress. I made him beg for it before relenting and squatting on him, smothering him with my thighs, pussy lips, and throbbing clit. The sub was only allowed to taste me if given permission, but I can never resist a good cunt licking from a loyal boy. His reward for being so good was to have my ass over his face too so he could taste my back door.

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College Coed femdom fantasy with sexy Brittney
Wednesday September 28th 2016, 11:24 pm
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Everyone experiments at college, including the sub boys I lure into my dorm room for a night of kinky play. I live in a single so I can have as much fun as I want and with a pleasure chest full of fun ways to play I always show the guys an unexpectedly good time. Last week I invited a cute boy over to enjoy my femdom ways. I smothered him with my perfect ass, stealing his breath until he was begging to be set free. I flogged his ass until it was bright red and he was nearly crying. I wore my black strapon to fuck his pretty little hole and make him scream so loudly I had to stuff a pair of my panties in his mouth to keep him quiet.

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I love my cuckold calls, I get to really get into it.
Friday September 23rd 2016, 11:21 pm
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Gemma (2)

milf domination phone sex

Cuckolding is a more popular fantasy than you might imagine, so don’t be afraid to express your desires to mistress. Tim, a frequent caller of mine, knows that his wife isn’t satisfied and that if she fucked another man she would be. When he calls we talk about how he can encourage her to find a guy with a bigger cock and a hotter body so she can have the incredible orgasms she deserves and that he’s never been able to give her. I let him masturbate to his fantasy too, of course. I describe the pleasure his wife will feel with another man’s cock inside of her and make him admit that he wants it. He must tell me he wants the woman he married to fuck someone else before he can cum.

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