Submissive K9 curiosity with Mistress Abby
Saturday December 30th 2017, 4:57 pm
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You’d be surprised at how little it takes to get a dog to mount a subby and fuck him in the ass. I love it when a truly naughty boy calls me and submits to my desires to see him taken from behind by a dog. They always fight it, but deep down they want to be forced to be knotted and filled with doggy cum. They want their backs scratched up from the dog’s claws and their assholes savaged by the vicious penetration. When a dog fucks a guy it’s not slow and steady. They pump away like crazy until they’ve unleashed their seed and my K9 subbies are always willing to take whatever I want to give them.


USA: 1-888-854-8836
UK: 0-808-101-2271

Hazel forces you to intoxicate yourself
Thursday November 03rd 2016, 11:45 pm
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fetish mistress

One of my submissives only drinks when we’re on the phone together. I demanded that sacrifice of him and even though he’s not into alcohol I force him to get drunk when he calls. I make him take shots, something different each call, and do them until his head is swimming. I want him to be wonderfully drunk and vulnerable so I can probe his psyche. I want to get deep in his head and pull out the real truths of his life. He reveals all to me when he’s loaded and I love it. Just as his speech starts to slur he lets out what’s real and I get the pleasure of learning his dirtiest secrets because he’s a good submissive.

1-888-854-8836 USA
0-808-101-2271 UK

I shall make you my submissive human ashtray!
Sunday October 23rd 2016, 11:41 pm
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As soon as I lit the cigarette I could see him get excited. After a deep drag there was a bit of ash on the tip and his mouth began to water. My human ashtray was ready to be used. I let him wait, delaying his gratification and humiliation for just a little longer as I luxuriated in the nicotine. Finally I ordered the sub to open up and stick out his tongue so I could tap the ash onto it. He held it there until I was finished and I made sure to really take my time. I love that he suffers for me like that. I love that he’s willing to endure the disgusting taste and the humiliation of being nothing more than an ashtray in my eyes.

1-888-854-8836 USA
0-808-101-2271 UK

Small cock? I have a fix for that.
Tuesday December 15th 2015, 10:44 pm
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You pull the red leather miniskirt on over your lewd red thong. I toss you a tight blouse with plunging cleavage. It perfectly accents your bitch tits, squashed into the lacy push-up bra. I do your make-up, slathering your lips in red and your eyes with blue shadow. Youíre feeling quite horny at being sissified and I assure you, this is just the beginning of how youíre going to be used. I take you out to a fetish club where we meet one of my friends. Her ample hips are clad in leather pants, studded with metal spikes, her no nonsense demeanor punctuated by a stiff riding crop. The crowning glory is the thick, black, knobbly dildo proudly strapped to her hips. We take you around the room, showing off our sissy-slut to our friends. They all squeeze your nipples or slap your bratty face as they taunt you. Theyíre all amused by your slutty clothes and your painted face. To your utter humiliation, I lift your skirt to show them your puny two-inch prick outlined by your skimpy panties and there is more laughter. Later, in the back room, we torture your nipples until youíre begging for mercy. Then I bend you over a chair and my friend tells you what nice ass cheeks you have as she pushes her strap-on between them. Even YOUR worthless dick stood at attention when you felt that!

1-888-854-8836 USA
0-808-101-2271 UK


Anal perversion and stretching
Friday October 30th 2015, 5:52 pm
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smal cock humiliation

You think you’re a fucking big shot. Ha. I can see straight through that. You’re scared to death something is going to turn you gay. Admit it. You’re afraid that if I stick this dildo up your ass that you’re going to like it. I know you’ve already played with your ass before. I bet you were surprised by how much you liked it! As I talk, I’m pushing you onto your back, your legs up in the air. I slowly push your legs back, exposing your tight brown star. Coated in lube, you feel the fat flared head of my bright purple strap-on entering your ass. You cry out in obvious pain, but I don’t let up, pushing my hips forward and then pausing. Soon I’m working up a steady rhythm, in and out of your ass. And you can’t hide your moans as your cock becomes iron hard. I grab your shaft, jacking it up and down as I fuck your ass in even strokes. How do you like that faggot? You moan deeply and loudly as you cum, sperm shooting out to your chest until it dribbles out. I thrust again, forcing out another spurt. I knew you’d love that, you fucking faggot.


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0-808-101-2271 UK

Cuckolds beware! Pistol is here with a whole new game plan
Saturday October 10th 2015, 5:39 pm
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I get a lot of calls from cuckolds that want me to play the role of their unsatisfied wife in need of a big cock lover to truly satisfy her. I relish the chance. Your meager white cock simply isn’t good enough for me and even if it was big you wouldn’t know how to use it. No, I need a black man that truly knows how to fuck a woman. I need him to take me, to own my pussy and show me how a woman is supposed to feel when she’s on her back with a big dick man between her legs pounding her cunt. You can watch cuckold, but you can’t touch until he’s done. Then you can clean my pussy.


1-888-854-8836 USA
0-808-101-2271 UK

Pistol and the cuckold roleplay

femdom phone sex

A client called me today and told me he was a cuckold and wanted me to act as his wife. We called his friend Mathew over. My husband made us all drinks and after we drank them, he took a seat on the sofa, beside the bed. Mathew ripped my dress and panties off and threw me on the bed with my face down and ass up. That fucking turned me on. He spat on my pussy and showed his hard dick all the way in. This got both me and my husband so excited, it took only a few minutes of Matt fucking me to make me and my husband cum.


Gemma takes control of all you looser bitches

Gemma (1)

A male client called me today and asked me to play out a hot fantasy with him. As soon as he told me what it was, I was all in. I ordered him to get on the bed on his knees. I tied up his hands so his face was all the way down, on the bed. I put on my strap-on, spat on his asshole and penetrated him. He moaned and bit the sheets, and even though he was frowning and begging me to pull it out, I could hear in his voice he fucking enjoyed that fake dick up in his ass. And I was right. It didn’t take him long to loosen up and cum, yelling for more. I got so wet by the end of the conversation I had to change my panties.


Gemma (2)

BDSM blackmail


I’m the type of Femdom who isn’t for the squeamish. I don’t mind slap and tickle bdsm, but I really love the edgier stuff, and that includes hardcore humiliation. I spoke to a new phone sex caller this morning who wanted total degradation. I asked him for some information about himself and why he should be so humiliated. I wanted to know what it was about him and what he’s done that’s made him feel like such a loser. I jotted down a few little notes because he was very talkative. Once I gathered all the ammunition that he willingly confessed to me, I gave him a full frontal humiliation assault that he’ll never forget. The idiot even proposed marriage afterwards. Hahaha! Total schmuck!


It’s cock torture time!
Friday March 13th 2015, 1:14 pm
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forced intoxication phone sex

CBT (of course this is femdom also lol)
Hickory dickory dock,
I’ve cum to torture your cock!
The hammer struck once
the cock twitched down
hickory dickory dock.

Out comes the pins,
CBT always wins!
Because your Mistress’ always right
So don’t fight your fright!

That’s a poem one of my regular cock and ball torture callers told me last night. I laughed my ass off! He had it memorized, too, so as I was instructing him on the diabolically painful ways of torturing his family jewels that I wanted him to do for me, he kept repeating this poem over and over again. It was a hoot! I even tried to get him to forget the lines by inflicting a lot of pain. Of course, I succeeded, and all he could do was whimper.