Are you ready for some true femdom fuckery?
Friday June 02nd 2017, 12:13 am
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blackmail phone sex

I would absolutely love to get you on your back, wrap you with saran wrap and force you to submit to my every will. I have a feeling I won’t have to do much forcing to get you to do the things I want you to do. Your such a submissive little fuck, You get off merely on the fact that I love hurting you. My sadistic thoughts run wild as I watch you laying there helpless. I get out the riding crop. There we are. What a great way to start. I start slapping you until you beg me to stop, I see huge red and brown bruises and welts start to form in long string shaped wounds all over your ass. The I smoother you and sit on your face until you start to squirm like a little worm. While I smoother you, I also jack your dick every now and again until you bust your load all over.

Well that was fun.

I think I will leave you there until I want to play with you tomorrow.


Worship My Asshole

Worship my beautiful ass, smothering your face between my butt cheeks, feel the warmth of my ass getting warmer and warmer. My ass begins to get moist, and very damp the smell of my damp ass I can see how it makes your cock hard. To smell the ass of a beautiful goddess such as my self, you are not worthy you know your not worthy that why it arouses you so much, you reach to play with your cock. Just as you touch it, I command you not too. This is for my pleasure not yours, I need to have every bit of my body worshiped especially my tiny little pink buttoned asshole. I love feeling the air from your nose inhaling, pulling as much of moist damp scent directly from my sweaty pink butthole. You are my ass bitch and never forget it.

Mistress Brittney