Forced bi with mistress Audrianna will leave you craving a dick?
Saturday October 08th 2016, 11:29 pm
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He wouldn’t normally have sucked a cock, but when his mistress commanded him to do so my sub was happy to open up and give head. Lots of my subs fantasize about forced bi play, but he was one of the few willing to go through with it. I brought over a stud with a perfect cock for a straight guy to suck on and had him strip. The sub was on his knees and looked excited and a little bit terrified. He was about to suck a cock for the first time and I was right there next to him. I told him he was a cocksucker now and that he was going to be sucking dick all the time now that he had done it the first time. I even made him swallow the hot load of cum.

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Forced Bi with Katya
Sunday August 07th 2016, 11:58 pm
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You’re already jacking off as you watch my black boyfriend fucking my pussy on our bed. Sorry honey, but his dick just feels so good, I’m really not interested in your white cock any more. You know, I think you really should feel what it’s like too, so you can understand where I’m coming from on his. After he’s done with me, it’s your turn and lube up your asshole with plenty of oil. Shhh, don’t be scared, baby, you’ll like it once he’s get’s going. And boy did you. You should have heard the sounds you made when he forced it in. You were pretty reluctant at first, and I had to help hold your legs back. But now whenever Nathan comes over to fuck me, he plows your ass too.

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Gemma takes control of all you looser bitches

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A male client called me today and asked me to play out a hot fantasy with him. As soon as he told me what it was, I was all in. I ordered him to get on the bed on his knees. I tied up his hands so his face was all the way down, on the bed. I put on my strap-on, spat on his asshole and penetrated him. He moaned and bit the sheets, and even though he was frowning and begging me to pull it out, I could hear in his voice he fucking enjoyed that fake dick up in his ass. And I was right. It didn’t take him long to loosen up and cum, yelling for more. I got so wet by the end of the conversation I had to change my panties.


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UK domination phone sex with USA woman ultimate taboo adult chat line

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The ultimate Taboo phone sex line right here in the good ol’ USA! Not only do we take US callers but we also have a toll free UK line where you can call and talk to any of the available girls for dirty uncensored, taboo, nasty, domination and fetish phone sex. I just got off the phone with a UK caller a few minutes ago and he said our line was better than any other line in the UK. You know you want to call us, and talk some really nasty taboo talk!

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Forced anal sex and sissy slavery phone sex

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I get this call from this guy about every week, I have no idea what his names is because we usually get right into it pretty quickly :). He calls and he loves me to get him all dressed up in something slutty, of course he has something on already, something real real nasty! He also wears a diaper! Oh yes, almost forgot to add that little tid bit of information! He wears a diaper and he gets is soak and wet before calling me. I humiliate and degrade him and treat him like a total sissy whore. After I humiliate and degrade him I force him down on his knees while he begs me to stop, but I don’t! I take out my big dildo and I fuck him really hard while he masturbates and eventually cums like the sissy whore that he is!

Talk to you sissy bitches soon!


Losers domination phone sex

Losers form a line, your little dicks and perverted habits need some discipline. Yeah whos perfect? I’am! Who’s a little dicked loser? Yeah you are! I always will make time from shopping and sleeping with giant cocks, and take out the time just to humiliate and prostitute you out. Whoring your ass to other perverts makes me a lot of money, expect to do it until your ass is loose and falling out, but even than you will only be good for back alley blow jobs. Your just another whore and if it wasn’t for me you would probably be doing it for free, you just need some guidance that’s all. Call me for some guidance. Just a taste of domination phone sex with

Mistress Brittney

Domination Phone Sex
Saturday June 15th 2013, 7:36 pm
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Did you really think I’d let you anywhere near this hot pussy?
Especially since I know where that filthy faggot mouth has been.
This forced bi phonesex mistress only fucks real men, and we have that in common, don’t we, glory hole faggot?
Oh, the things you’ll do for your forced bi phonesex mistress.
First, no matter how in control you feel, you’ll give that control over to me, as I exploit your addiction, whether it’s forced intoxication, snow, E, I’ll find it, and you’ll be on the road to being addicted to me.
At work, with your wife, all you will be able to think of is pleasing me.
You can’t imagine it yet, but before long, you’ll beg for my strap on.
You silly little men never can see a day when you beg for me to pimp you out, beg for me to allow you to suck cock at the glory hole for your forced bi phonesex mistress, beg to pay me to pimp you out, but yes, it will happen.
There is no one better.


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BDSM Phone Sex with Marlow
Wednesday October 31st 2012, 10:50 pm
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I had a grrreattt call the other day with a man who wanted to be – naturally – submissive to me. The twist was that he wanted me to dominate his wife as well. Oh man, I was on that like white on rice. I love dominating bitches and…bitches – lol! He requested that I really use and abuse his wife by raping her. Oh hell yeah!

So I put this guy in a stockade and raped and caned his ass while I had a gang of my male friends rape his wife’s ass, pussy, and mouth. By the time we were through with her, she was taking two cocks in her pussy and mouth at the same time. She was screaming and crying and looking so betrayed into her husband’s eyes – the husband who wanted her to be raped.

I made sure hubby was raped and tortured, too – just for kicks and giggles!


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Forced Bi Sex with Absinthe
Saturday October 27th 2012, 2:54 pm
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Hey ‘tardos. It’s time for you to prove just how debased and debauched you are in your submissiveness. It’s time for you to show just how far you will go for your Mistress Absinthe, and what that means is that I’m gonna rape your mouth and ass repeatedly! First, I’m going to break you in with my big strapon, so that you won’t disappoint me when I have my guy friends over. These guys have HUGE sides of beef betwixt their legs. Ain’t no way I’m ever riding anything that thick and long, so you’re gonna do it for me. Aaaannnddd you’re gonna do a good job at it!

I know you’ll resist at first because you protest that you’re not gay or bi, but I really don’t give a shit. The only thing I care about is laughing at your predicament – at your mental, emotional, and physical pain. I want to see how far you’ll go to prove how much you adore me and how much you worship me. I’ll have you tied up in bondage for hours, and you’ll be forced to have sex with my guy friends the entire time. What a great way to spend my day!


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Forced Bi Cocksucking With Miss Bree

You do want to make me happy don’t you darling? Of course you do. You want your Mistress to be so proud, so glad to have you. Well then if that’s the case you won’t mind becoming the perfect little cocksucking forced bi boy for me. What? Why would you ever complain? Your only job or goal in life is to make me happy you know. I am the center of your universe, and sucking a cock for my amusement is the least you can do to prove your love and utter obedience to me. Look I’ll even help you by pushing your little head down till your mouth takes that cock in. Now START SUCKING!