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Sunday September 24th 2017, 11:23 pm
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Hello little faggot fucker. I’m Goddess Katya and I am going to be the one that stretches your ass so huge and massive that you’ll be able to stick 2 dildo’s up that garbage hole of yours. I’ll start my making you assume the position. Yep, you know exactly what I am talking about…Ass up, face down! Once your exactly where I want you, I will smack your ass a few times. And then comes the fingers. I will start with 2, and eventually 2 will lead to 4, then my entire fist!

Mistress Katya
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Shoving a cock up your faggot ass!
Tuesday April 05th 2016, 10:41 pm
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I have to admit, some of my favorite calls are when a guy wants to try anal for the first time. Usually, he’s already committed to being a good subby for me, but still nervous about letting me put things up his ass. I start him off slow, using lots of lube so his asshole is all slippery. Then, I push my fingertips in and see how he handles it. Once I find his prostate, he’s putty in my hands. Then we move onto plugs and dildos. God, you should hear the moans my subs make when I shove something thick and hard in their asshole. All of this is to work up to full on pegging with my strap-on.

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Faggot phone sex with shemale cock
Sunday October 25th 2015, 5:49 pm
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Castration Phone Sex

A lot of straight men are really intrigued by the idea of sucking cock and even being penetrated, but they’re just not into other men. That’s what makes shemale fantasies so perfectly hot. I did this roleplay once where I pretended everything about me looked the same except that instead of a vagina, I had a cute 6-inch penis. I let him spend some time exploring my body, caressing and touching my pert, soft breasts and puffy nipples. Then his hands wander down to my growing erection. ìGo ahead and touch it,î I told him. And he did, wrapping his hands around my shaft and gently stroking it, winning a soft sigh from me. ìNow, don’t you want to know what it tastes like?î I implored. He hesitated, not quite sure if he wanted to take the plunge. That’s when I pushed his face down onto my cock and he was forced to open his mouth and take it like a man. I laughed when he gagged, but he was really into it, and I was leaking precum into his mouth. So I told him I wanted to play with his butt and he turned bright red. But his cock was an iron rod when he felt my hands probing around his virgin entrance. Purring affirmations at him, I pour on lube and his asshole slowly opened and allowed my finger to slide in. I didn’t fuck him that time, but after the next few training sessions, he was ready to have his cherry popped.

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Forced sissy hormone sex
Tuesday October 20th 2015, 5:46 pm
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femdom bitch

ìDid you take your pills, faggot?î I ask when I pick up the phone. I want to make sure my sissy faggot bitch is surging with a fresh wave of estrogen. When he hears my voice, his boy pussy puckers up and his pathetic excuse for a wang stands at attention. Squeeze those titties for me, sissy. Mmm, yes, they’re getting nice and soft. Oh are your little nipples getting sensitive? ì I smile at his whimper as he grabs them and tweaks them hard. ìMmm, good girl. You’re gonna beg to have those titties sucked on in no time.î Iím already wearing the red strap-on. The fat one. His favorite. It’s time for your training, bitch. Now bend over and show me that pussy.î Like a good sissy, he does. He always cries a little when I first start shoving it in, but then he starts letting out all these slutty moans as I push the dildo up his ass. ìWhat a good little sissy girl, taking her daily fuck training like a good bitch. My words overwhelm his hormone flooded brain and soon I have him cumming like a bitch in heat.

Bitch Mistress Marlow

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Anal training phone sex with a real and true femdom
Thursday October 15th 2015, 5:42 pm
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milf domination phone sex

He thought I was going to be an easy lay. We met at a bar. He bought me drinks, and then we danced to blaring sound, his erection poking my ass through my Italian skirt. Still, I give him my number. I was feeling adventurous. Besides, I can spot a wannabe alpha douche from a mile away. He thinks he’s so tough, but he’s scared to death of a challenge to his fragile masculinity. And that’s why I’m going to destroy him. We head back to my place and he thinks he has the upper hand. Sure, I’m a little tipsy, and I purr when he fondles my body, ushering me towards my bedroom. I head straight for his fly until I finally have his hot, thickening rod between my lips. I moan, sucking it lower and lower, expertly taking it into my throat. I’m rewarded by deep groans. Oooh, baby, I’ve gotta fuck you, he moans. He’s putty in my hands. I move him to the bed, pushing him down on his back as I undress and straddle him. I gasp in pleasure as his wide cockhead pushes into my entrance. As we fuck, I remove a pair of handcuffs from behind the pillow and quickly bind his hands, attaching them to the headboard. He looks up, in surprise. What’s this?! Shhhh, I quiet him. ìI know this is what you need. I’m in control of you now. And quickly I’m pressing the head of my huge red dildo into his asshole. He screams, and I cover his mouth, thrusting harder. As it pops past his virgin sphincter, I see a noticeable change wash over his face. I apply more pressure, finding his prostate, and his cock immediately hardens. See that, baby. Your ass is mine.

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I am going to rape that tight little perverted ass of yours


Every once in a while I get a call where a guy wants to live out a fantasy I’ve never tried before. That was the cast last night when he told me he wanted to be anally raped by his mistress. We met in an alley and he had a few beers in him so he wasn’t as well-equipped to fend me off. It wasn’t long before I had him pushed up against the wall with his jeans around his ankles and my big black strapon cock fucking his asshole. He screamed in pain as I took him without lube, but his suffering only increased my desire to rape him. There’s nothing quite as arousing as ruining a man. He won’t walk normally for weeks after last night.


Gemma takes control of all you looser bitches

Gemma (1)

A male client called me today and asked me to play out a hot fantasy with him. As soon as he told me what it was, I was all in. I ordered him to get on the bed on his knees. I tied up his hands so his face was all the way down, on the bed. I put on my strap-on, spat on his asshole and penetrated him. He moaned and bit the sheets, and even though he was frowning and begging me to pull it out, I could hear in his voice he fucking enjoyed that fake dick up in his ass. And I was right. It didn’t take him long to loosen up and cum, yelling for more. I got so wet by the end of the conversation I had to change my panties.


Gemma (2)

Sissy Sissy Sissy, how how I love the sissy bitches!
Wednesday January 07th 2015, 8:43 pm
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femdom phone sex

I have a little faggot sissy who loves to call me, and today that little bitch called me in an extra naughty mood. She called with her daughters panties in her pussy aka her fucking asshole. BTW, we have been anal training this little whore for a while, getting her ass bigger and bigger so she can eventually fist it. She’s a good little faggot bitch and today I made her cum all over those panties in her pussy ad then lick it off. Mmmm always nice talking to you Tiffany!


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Anal training sex with a hot domination girl

phone sex

Hello fuckers!
I would love to get a small dildo all the way up to a huge dildo and start with the small dildo and work my way up to the huge dildo to fuck you with. You need a large asshole with very large gaping hole for me to fist and stuff my hand inside.

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Sissy faggots with tiny cocks, I’m waiting!
Monday November 03rd 2014, 11:36 pm
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bitchy phone sex

Are you a little faggot sissy with a tiny cock? Well I would love to catch you in a crazy position, where you were sniffing my undies or maybe dressed up in my panties. I come in and find you, and force you to get even more dressed up. Then I invite my girlfriends over or maybe my guy friends and I force you to take strap on’s and dick like the sissy fuck whore that you are.

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