Pissing phone sex and toilet fantasies
Tuesday September 19th 2017, 11:17 pm
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Have you been a bad bad boy?

Well Miss. Naughty Nurse Scarlet will take good care of you. I’ll be sure to have my thigh high, silky stockings on, you know, the white ones with the lace on the top that you love so much. I’ll have my little nurses outfit on, the one that barely covers my ass…as well as a matching thong. I’ll start off my checking your prostate and making sure everything is working properly, then I would love to humiliate you even further my squatting down on your soft lips and pissing all over you. Then I would make you lick my ass and make me cum/squirt all over your face. Once you’ve pleased mistress I will put you back in the dungeon from whence you came.

Mistress Scarlet.

Medical Fetish with nurse Cassie
Friday October 28th 2016, 11:43 pm
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Regular visits to the doctor are a good idea for anyone, but when it’s a submissive that shows up to see me I know exactly how to give an exam he’ll never forget. I pull on my latex gloves and his eyes go wide a little because the fun is about to begin. It’s important to take his temperature anally to get an accurate reading and to follow up with a prostate exam to make sure everything is healthy. He might need a few vaccinations too. The sub is afraid of needles, but his dirty doctor is experienced and knows how to minimize the pain he experiences. The exam can go on for quite a while too and sometimes it’s humiliating.

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Medical Fetish Phone Sex with Dr. Marlow

medical fetish sex with phone domme

The doctor is now in – as in in your ass, in your mouth, in your head, in your heart, and in wherever the fuck I want to be! I love role playing a sadistic and malevolent doctor who experiments on her hapless and submissive patients. Our medical fetish phone sex scenario will have you wanting to scream in terror and delight, but you bite your lip (yummy) and dare not not too much noise for fear you’ll wake wifey-poo. Wouldn’t wanna do that, would you? Although I would laugh my gorgeous ass off if you did. I guess it’s the sadist in me – you squirming in so many ways.

Anyway, back to our little medical fetish role play fantasy: be warned that I’m very sadistic and I’ll tie you down and conduct all kinds of dehumanizing experiments on you – just to see how you react. And the more vocal you are, the better for me. Tee hee!

Dr. Malevolent Marlow

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Castration Phonesex

Castration Phone Sex
When I am asked what makes this Femdom Mistress cackle, castration through domination phonesex always come to my evil mind.
It’s always so gratifying to share my fascination with the give and take of power exchange through pain.
Not discomfort, not just fear, but extreme pain and soul shattering fear at the knowledge that what you treasure most, is my world is disposable.
So many ways to castrate a pain slut, so many delicious options to mutilate your member, all through domination phonesex.
A simple castration knife is always good in a slice and dice session, but this Femdom Mistress brings the pain.
When I lay out my castration tools, seeing how big your eyes get at the double crush esmaculator and then the dawning realization that your castration is in my greedy hands and out of your control makes this psychotic mistress smile.
Castration is only the beginning, pain whore.
This Femdom mistress has so many hungers, and you will feed them.
Right in front of you, I will saute’ your worthless testicles, and force you to savor them.
Dinner is served, pain whore.

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Medical Fetish Phone Sex with Gemma
Tuesday August 28th 2012, 7:24 pm
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Oh how I love medical fetish phone sex! I have such a hoot and hollerin’ good time whenever I put patients like you in the stirrups and give them a very intimate and humiliating exam. I’ll inspect every single inch of you before you’re restrained in the stirrups. Chances are, you aren’t going to pass visual inspection and I’ll have to clean you out with an enema. Naughty boy! You should know that cleanliness is next to goddess-ness!

I’ll also measure how well you respond to anal and penile stimulation, so I’ll put you through all kinds of humiliating and perhaps painful exercises. Don’t worry, dear; I’ll let you have a lollipop afterwards if you’re a good patient and don’t cry too much. LOL!


1-888-844-2921 USA callers
0-808-134-9931 UK callers
1-900-226-7979 Bill to phone

Show your obedience to Phonsex Mistress Malin!

And just to whom do your balls belong? Who controls when you can cum? Who is your mistress? Who do you wake from dreams of only to want to serve her more? Me. Me me ME! Your balls belong to me! Just as your heart, soul, and ass belong to me. Who is my little slave? Who is my glutton for punishment? Who is my whore? You are! Now, come show your obedience, pig!




Phonesex Mistress Malin is going to use your face as a humping post!

Do you like my legs? So long and strong, they seem to go on forever. ‘But where do they lead?’ You ask. To the Palace of Wisdom and the Temple of Excess. Follow them into my honeytrap and before you know it my legs are wrapped tight around you with your face pressed deep against my sweet little cunt. Gasp for air as you may only to breathe me in deeper. Feeling you fight for air only makes me wetter. The more you struggle the tighter I squeeze and the wetter my pussy presses against your face. Your face is my humping post.




Phonesex Tease Morgan wants to know all your dirty little secrets!

Do you have secrets? Secrets you couldn’t bear to let anyone know? Deep, dark, sexual secrets of perversion that would make the people who knew you absolutely horrified or even make them tease you mercilessly? You can tell me. I promise I will never ever tell anyone else… as long as you keep spoiling me. But you love to keep me happy, don’t you?

Remember that Morgan controls your Organ!


Phonesexual Mistress Malin is going to make you her WHIPPING BOY!


I need a whipping boy… a pincushion… someone to use and abuse. I want to make you bleed. I want to tear at your skin with my whip and piss in your wounds just to hear you scream. I will keep you chained and caged in a bed of broken glass. Your cock and balls will be known as your ‘pain buttons’ and you can be more than sure I will be pressing them…. and pressing them very soon.

tick tock… bitches,





Mean Phone Sex Mistress Malin wants to punish you.


Do you need to be abused, to be used, to be berated? Do you seek a level of abuse that no one else can offer? Call me an beg for me to abuse you, to maim you, to wound you in every way. Your pain and suffering makes my cunt drip. I won’t stop until you are broken and bleeding and begging for more. Come and give you obedience to me.